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Flexible Multicore Cable

Flexible Multicore Cable

Flexible Multicore Cable


Flexible multicore cable are cables designed to work inside cable carriers against physical stress and tight bending area which is directly associated with application in moving state.The introduction of flexible multicore cables first came into existence in the automation industry in the 1980s. As at that time the cables were not able to stand against increasing loads, and cables which were inside the cable carriers were failing regularly.The service life of these cables is long because of the higher level of flexibility cable. The difference is visible as a normal cable manages 50,000 cycles only whereas, the dynamic cable can complete between one and three million cycles.We offer a complete range of insulated Single/Multicore flexible cable as per standard of IS 694:1990. And for export market BS 6004 and BS 6500.

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1100 V PVC insulated and Sheathed as per IS : 694 / BS

Sizes :
Two, Three or Four Core upto 24 cores.

Conductor – Multi Stranded Plain / Tinned

Insulation – PVC /XLPE / HR PVC / FR /FRLS/ Zero Halogen

Sheathed – PVC /HR PVC/FR/ FRLS/Zero Halogen

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