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Copper Control Cable

Copper Control Cable

Copper Control Cable


A Multi-Core Copper Control Cable for transmission of current for operation of objects being controlled.

When direct access to an object is not possible than Copper Control cable came to access. Copper Control cables, having a position in between power cables and communication cables belongs to the family of instrumentation cables.

They are widely used to distribute low voltage data/signal. Control cables are well designed for automation controls and have a copper conductor and enveloped in galvanized steel braid.

These cables can carry signals up to 40 volts in the regions that require less than 1 Ampere.


Parts of Copper Control Cable:

You are given a choice to choose from different types of Control cables. The specialty of these cables is its ability to work in various automation and computer applications.


Conductor usually conducts the flow of electricity or signals within cables. Conductors can be of Silver/Aluminum/Copper. The cost of the cable also varies as the type of conductors changes.

In copper control cable the conductor is of Copper. You can see the difference of Copper and Aluminum conductor.


An insulator is the part of the cable which covers the conductor so that current won’t come out and create any electric fault. Insulators can be a wire (color) or any insulated material.

These cables usually bear a PVC/XLPE insulation that protects them from impacts and harsh climatic conditions.


The sheath is an outer cover, which protects the wire from external damage. If in case, current passes from insulated material, Sheath is responsible for controlling the current in that case.



Copper Control cables are Suitable for cable trays, Conduits, Underground, Overhead, cable trays and all electrical installation industrial control circuits for sending electrical signals.


PVC/XLPE insulation is responsible for fire-resistant feature.
Besides, it has many features as below:

  • Copper Conductor and PVC/XLPE insulation provides safer operation for longer period.
  • Flexibility is what Copper Control Wire can provide you due to Copper Conductor.
  • Copper Control cables installation is very easy. Most Electricians prefer to have Copper wiring.
  • Highly compatible with any electrical device or appliances or instrument or any place.