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Robusta2 Contactors

Robusta2 Contactors



  • In- built NO+1 NC aucxillary contacts
  • Common add-on accessories-front / side auxillary contact block, pneumatic timer block, mechanical interlock & coil suppressor
  • Easy coil replacement
  • Snap fit design
  • High mechanical & electrical endurance



  • Rating: 7A~38A, AC3
  • Poles: 3 Pole AC, 45mm width


Robusta2 contactors meeting complex requirements of electrical systems of today and tomorrow ensuring reliability which can offer uninterrupted service throughout the product life undergoing all the stresses that system encounters. SunLord now offers total solution for modern day requirement for measurement, analysis and communications, all in optimized size. Compact yet offering various connections for ease of installation snap on site fit accessories, enhanced life and intuitive operation makes them a very user friendly .


  • Affords extremely easy maintenance
  • Easy coil replacement
  • Contactor maintenance requires low down time
  • Contactor is ideally suitable for standalone applications such as welding, compressor & pump control etc