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New Changeover Switch

New Changeover Switch



  • Compact Construction
  • Quick make Quick break mechanism
  • Positive ON/OF Indication, indicates true position of contacts
  • High thermal and dynamic strength to withstand rated fused short circuit current level of 80kA rms.
  • Available in Open execution and in sheet steel enclosure
  • Suitable for Capacitor Switching and as a main switch
  • Silver plated copper current carrying parts
  • Complete flexibility in termination
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft


Switch, Rated for AC23A


SunLord introduces a new series of on-load changeover switches. The New Changeover Switch exhibits an impeccable performance engendered in it by the excellence in design and engineering.These changeover switches are used to control and disconnect any kind of circuit disconnection feeders both resistive and inductive loads.The New Changeover Switches are available in open execution as well as in sheet steel (SS)

In open execution, the New Changeover Switch can be commissioned in panels. Apart from open execution the New Changeover Switch is also available in sheet steel enclosure with adequate space of cable terminations so that additional cable entry boxes are not required. The enclosures are available with the degree of protection s required by the application. Cable gland plates are also provided with the switch.


  • Rated for AC23A utilization category
  • Complies with latest requirements of IEC-60947-1&3. 13947-1&3 standards
  • Provides switching control of two independent circuits
  • Safety of division: clearly apparent operation
  • Handle with built in padlocking facility in all the three positions I O and II
  • Provision for defeating door interlock.