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By Pass Switches

By Pass Switches



  • Modular pole design – economical maintenance
  •  Available in interior / sheet steel enclosure version
  • Telescopic shaft for depth adjustment
  • Large terminal capacity suitable for aluminum lugs
  • Provision for 2NO+2NC aux contacts


With provision for 2NO+2NC aux contacts


Our By Pass Switches are designed in order to meet the complex requirements of electrical systems of today and tomorrow ensuring reliability which can offer un-interrupted service throughout the product life undergoing all the stresses that system encounters. SunLord pioneered the concept of positive isolation in case of welding of contacts. In the event of extremely high current leading to welding of contacts, the handle will not turn beyond 45 from the ON position, clearly indicates that the supply is ON and contacts get welded.

Convenience of easy contacts visibility, permits contact inspection, without removing the switch from installation, thus saving down time. Door interlocking prevents opening in the ON position, guarding the operator against any accidental mishap. As a standard upto 3 padlocks are provided in the OFF position to prevent closing the circuit during maintenance work. They can also be provided in the ON position. Using a suitable gasket along with handle enhances ingress protection level to IP 54.


  • Compact construction
  • Window for visual contact inspection permits contact inspection
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft
  • Compact construction
  • Window for visual contact inspection
  • Suitable for capacitor switching and as a Main switch
  • Handle with in-built padlockable facility in-off position